Ashley Inez Harrison

Our miracle baby, Ashley Inez Harrison was born pre-mature at one pound and eight ounces. She was a miracle baby. Ashley’s disabilities include Epilepsy, Wheelchair Dependency, Hydrocephalus, Scoliosis, Hip Dislocation, Cortical Blindness, and Mental Retardation. Ashley is a graduate of Galena Park High School and has been recognized on the school Honor Roll. She was congratulated by State Representative Ana E. Hernandez and State Senator Mario Gallegos of District 06. She has been to the Houston Livestock Rodeo and to Rice University football games. 

This milestone in her life was a special time for Ashley and her family. Ashley and her grandparents are committed to a lifetime commitment to serving our community, our great state of Texas, and our country. Ashley’s grandparents, Lertie and Melvin Cobb, helped raised her at early age and until this day. It takes a whole entire family to raise a handicap child or adult.

Ashley’s hard work and determination has enabled her to reach a turning point are reasons to celebrate this success. Since birth, she was given ten years to live and is now in her thirties and going strong. She has a beautiful smile and loves to take pictures. Ashley Inez Harrison has a strong sense of hearing. She is a fighter and survivor. There many people like Ashley Inez Harrison, a blessing to work with and fight for in this community. All they need is a chance with prayers, and dedication anything can happen.

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